to the
Hi, it’s too good to have you in my life you know. You came into my life out of nowhere and I’m super glad you did. There was a time when I loved a guy for 4 effing years and he didn’t love me back. I felt that I wasn’t even loveable. I was being in love with a guy who didn’t respect any of my feelings. After those 4 years all the butterflies” in me were already dead. For me he was the cutest guy, but maybe it was just infatuation. I decided to try and stop giving attention to him yet I wasn’t able to control myself, but then you came.You made me feel super happy, you knew how to make me laugh in the saddest of moments, we became best friends. You were always there for me. You were there for me when no one was. You were there for me when I was so down in life. You were there for me no matter what, and I sort of felt that you’ll always be there, at least I wanted you to be there forever. Soon seeing you made my day. The day felt so incomplete if you were not there . And then love chose to leave that guy, I did not try to reclaim it or to assess blame. The only thing better than being in love is falling in love, and I fell in love w you. Everything felt new, I wasn’t quite sure if it’s really love yet. But if it was, this time I didn’t choose love, love chose me instead. My cheeks flushed, my hands were all sweaty when I saw you. I realized I loved you. I loved my bestfriend. And one day you confessed that you love me too. It was such a good feeling knowing that the person you love, loves you back. You made me feel so special, like I was the only girl. The dead butterflies relived again and you didn’t just give me butterflies. Remembering every small thing about me and making me forget ever small thing about that guy. Ik I’m not an easy girl to love but you still loved me. Accepting and embracing my flaws, and making my beauties even more beautiful. All chemical reactions worked well w you lol. I wish you always keep loving me, and I promise I’ll always love you back. If someday you find me restless or possessive please don’t mind me. Reassure me that you’re mine, reassure me that you always will be mine, and I swear I’ll be normal. Just don’t give up on me that easily. I love you.


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